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Your Auto Insurance Questions Answered

You know you need car insurance, but do you know what the typical car insurance policy covers? Do you know the difference between the named insured and a listed driver? What happens when a teen comes of driving age? How can you benefit if you have multiple drivers with different policies under the same roof? Why should you care about bundling? Here is some information to help you with these questions.


1. My teenage son is having trouble getting auto insurance. What can I do to help?

For younger drivers just starting out, trying to secure an auto insurance policy on their own can be a challenge. Generally, one of two scenarios will play out: they’ll either be denied coverage or will have to pay very high premium rates. A cost-efficient way to get coverage can be through their parent’s policy, which may help them get covered for less and may even help discount their parent’s rate.


2. We have multiple drivers with individual policies living under one roof. Is there a way we can save money on coverage?

One solution to consider is combining more than one car on a single policy. Doing so, the entire household can pay less for their combined coverage with a single rate for all drivers, instead of each driver paying for individual coverage.


3. What happens when I add a driver as to my policy? Is there a difference between adding them as a named insured compared to a listed driver?

A named insured is the person who the insurance policy is issued for, who has legal rights and responsibilities related to the policy. A listed driver is just a person listed on the policy who is allowed to drive a vehicle. The policyholder (named insured) can make changes to the policy, a listed driver cannot.


4. How can I benefit by bundling multiple types of policies with the same insurer?

There are many opportunities to save when you bundle coverage. For instance, when you bundle multiple Farmers insurance policies along with your Auto insurance, you may become eligible for multi-policy discounts that can add up to valuable savings on all of your Farmers policies. It also provides your agent more opportunities to obtain better pricing and coverage options to fit your lifestyle and saves you time managing multiple policies all in one place.

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