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Do you remember the “one pound coffee can”?

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Do you remember the “one pound coffee can”?

Unless you are as old as I am, maybe you don’t remember the 16 ounce can of coffee. It did exist. It was the “standard.” In fact there was “the 1lb., 2lb, and 3lb. can of coffee.”

So what happened? As the price of coffee went up, the coffee companies chose not to upset the consumer by raising prices and instead re-sized their containers hoping the consumer would think they were getting the same value, even though they were NOT. The only way you could tell the difference was to read the “small print.” Today, in most cases, we are presented with a 12 or 13 oz. container of coffee…NOT the 16 oz. container. Now, what does that have to do with car insurance? Quite a bit actually!

BEWARE of the shrinking package!

Not all insurance company “packages” are what they seem to be… even though they appear the same. With some companies, if you are involved in an accident, they penalize you twice as much as Farmers. Some increase your rates on all your cars even though only one car was in an accident. Others charge for accidents that may not be your fault. Some have different coverages for when your friend drives your car or you travel in different states. One “senior friendly” company raises premiums significantly when you turn 70. Companies like these advertise how much they will save you or how you can buy their insurance in 15 minutes. 15 minutes? It takes that long to brew a good cup of coffee! They ask for your existing coverages without taking the time to make sure those coverages still fit your situation. The basic numbers appear to be the same as what you have now, but is it the correct coverage for your situation now? Companies like these want to sell it quick…but sometime, after a claim, you may find that their policy is only “12 oz.”

Be a wise consumer!

As a wise consumer, you need to know what you are getting when you purchase insurance. Even though policies may look alike, every company’s policy is different, so you need to read the “small print” to see what you are getting. If you don’t like reading the “small print,” come see me–your local, personal agent, who you can talk to when you call.

Don’t be conned!

Don’t be conned into buying a 12 oz. can of coffee. If you’re looking for a ‘full, 16 oz., pound of coffee,” let’s talk insurance.

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