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Chanhassen Homeowners Insurance

Chanhassen Homeowners Insurance

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Homeowners insurance provided by the Norm Foster Insurance Agency of Apple Valley MN.



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The Norm Foster Insurance agency is one of Chanhassen’s most trusted homeowners insurance companies. As an independent insurance agent with Farmers Insurance, we are listed as one of the best homeowners insurance companies and have some of the highest insurance ratings in the marketplace.

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Homeowners insurance rates in Chanhassen are always changing, and the cheapest homeowners insurance is rarely the best option. But with Norm Foster Insurance on your side you can rest easy know that Norm is looking out for you and will help you find all the discounts available to you, to provide you the most affordable homeowners insurance possible. Bundling your home and car insurance is just one way we can keep your home insurance premium low. If you are a Chanhassen homeowner in need of landlord home insurance, log home insurance, manufactured home insurance, mobile home insurance, new home insurance, modular home insurance, renters insurance, vacation home insurance or seasonal home insurance, the Norm Foster Insurance agency will help you find a homeowners policy that meets your needs.

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See what a homeowner policy from the Norm Foster Insurance agency and Farmers Insurance has to offer:

  • Coverages you’ll want for your home
  • Flexibility — you can choose options
  • Discounts and other ways you can save money

In addition, as a Farmers customer you have access to our unique claims service. You can call 1-800-435-7764 for immediate help, 24/7, free of charge.

What does homeowners insurance cover?

The Farmers Next Generation Homeowners policy gives you peace of mind. When you choose Farmers for your Homeowners coverage, your house and separate structures are covered for almost any type of damage, except for a few common exclusions listed in the policy such as wear and tear, earth movement, earthquake, flood and nuclear hazard. Earthquake coverage is available in many states for an additional premium.


Your Chanhassen house, including any attached structures and wall-to-wall carpeting is covered. Our built-in Value Protection Feature adjusts your policy limit based on current construction costs so there is no worry about inflation.

Separate structures

The Farmers Next Generation Homeowners policy covers separate structures for an amount equal to 10% of the amount you choose for your house or more.

Personal property

You’ll rest easy knowing that your personal property is covered anywhere in the world. Your personal property usually located at a secondary residence is covered for up to 20% of the amount of insurance for your personal property.

Replacement cost

Farmers Next Generation Homeowners policy pays for loss to your home on a replacement cost basis up to the coverage limit you choose. There is no deduction for age, wear and tear or other depreciation. In addition, under the extended replacement cost coverage included in the policy, we will pay up to an additional 25% of the limit of insurance on the house, if necessary, to repair, rebuild or replace covered damage to your home if you comply with the coverage conditions. Contents Replacement Cost coverage is also included. This means your damaged personal property will also be repaired or replaced without deduction for depreciation.

Building codes

Building Ordinance or Law coverage, covering the cost of complying with Chanhassen building codes after a covered loss, is included in the policy up to an additional 20% of the amount of insurance for your home.

Loss of Use

If your Chanhassen home is rendered uninhabitable by a covered loss, the Farmers Next Generation Homeowners policy will reimburse you for reasonable and necessary additional living expenses to maintain your normal standard of living (such as staying in a motel). Under this coverage, we pay you for additional living expenses you have incurred up to an amount equal to 40 percent of the coverage limit.

More coverages

The policy doesn’t stop there. It also includes these coverages (amounts and terms of coverage are spelled out in the policy contract):

  • Identity fraud including unauthorized use of credit card
  • Damage from artificially generated electrical current
  • Food spoilage
  • Arson, burglary, vandalism apprehension rewards
  • Fire department service charge
  • Lock re-keying
  • Trees, shrubs, plants and lawns
  • Golf carts, riding lawn mowers and assisted living devices
  • Debris removal

Personal liability

Farmers Next Generation Homeowners policy covers many instances when you’re legally obligated to pay for bodily injury or property damage to others, resulting from events such as:

  • Use of your premises, including swimming pools
  • Acts of your pets
  • Unintentional acts committed by you or qualified household members, either on or off your premises

Your personal liability coverage also includes expenses we incur defending you against covered lawsuits, such as court costs and attorney, investigator and witness fees. It also pays expenses you incur at Farmers’ request, including up to $250 per day for actual loss of earnings when we ask you to attend hearings or trials as well as the premium on bonds required in a lawsuit we defend. Liability coverage is not subject to deductible.

Damage to property of others

In addition, at your request, we pay replacement cost up to $1,500 for damage you or your qualified household member caused to the property of others.

First aid to others expenses

Farmers Next Generation Homeowners policy pays the costs you incur for necessary medical aid to other people at the time of a covered occurrence.

Optional coverages

We want you to be able to tailor coverage to fit your needs exactly. You may want to consider getting these optional coverages at additional cost:

Protection for LandlordsThis optional coverage is very similar to the standard homeowners policy, except that the “loss of use” coverage becomes “loss of rent” coverage. If you are a landlord in Chanhassen MN, this is the policy you need.

Extended Replacement Cost coverage on your house—You can increase the coverage included in the policy by an additional 25 percent (of the limit of insurance on the house) if it is needed to repair or replace the damage caused by a covered loss.

Higher Limits for Building Ordinance or Law coverage—You can increase the base 10 percent coverage limit by purchasing higher limits of 25 percent or 50 percent. These limits are based on the amount of insurance you choose for your home.

Personal Injury coverage—Farmers Next Generation Homeowners policy provides coverage when you are legally obligated to pay damages for personal injury, such as libel, slander and defamation of character.

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Optional lifestyle coverages Farmers believes your coverage should fit your home and your needs. It should reflect your goals, your circumstances and the kind of life you live. You can add these endorsements to Farmers Next Generation Homeowners policy to customize your coverage to your lifestyle: For people who work from their Chanhassen homes or for themselves: Coverage for specified Business Pursuits on Residence Premises, Specified Business Pursuits Off Residence Premises, Business Pursuits Liability and Home Child Care Services endorsements For people with significant jewelry, furs, fine arts or silverware/goldware, etc.: Scheduled Personal Articles coverage endorsements

Discounts to stretch your insurance dollar For taking good care of your home

  • Renovation discounts—one for plumbing, one for electrical or heat, and one for new roofs
  • Central Burglar/Fire Alarm, Sprinkler discounts

For having more than one Farmers policy

  • Auto/Home discount
  • Home/Life discount

Deductibles A higher deductible option can lower your premiums. Contact Norm Today for a free consultation or quote.

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